Say goodbye to Facebook groups, and hello to Fave.

We’ve taken the best features of modern chat platforms and smashed them together with old-school forums to create an amazing alternative to Facebook groups. Create and join as many groups as you want, with just a single account.

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Create thriving groups about any topic.

Fave contains thousands of different groupsFave has all the features you need for your group

Easy to find

Don’t let your posts get lost within walled gardens. Conversations and groups on Fave are public, permalinked, and search engine optimized by default, so it's easy for anyone to discover posts.


It’s your group, and you’re in control. We give you powerful solutions to moderation issues via individual locking, blocking, and deletion controls for each thread, message, and member.

Abuse prevention

With Fave’s Rep system, you can see how constructive a member is in your group - and globally across groups - making it simple to figure out if an issue is more than an isolated incident.


Your built-in group analytics gives a bird’s eye view of your group’s overall growth and user engagement. You’ll also get a heads up of what types of conversations are most active or are unanswered.

Fave lets you build and launch your own community

Powerful tools to help you build and launch a great online community.

Your group is meaningful, so why not give it the resources it needs?

We provide every group with automated toxicity monitoring and spam prevention by default.

You get access to a powerful set of tools to grow your group organically and moderate it effectively.

Unlimited moderators

Unlimited members

Unlimited pageviews

The platform for the future.

The internet was built for communities. But, as the web has changed and improved radically, community software has hardly improved since the heyday of message boards and IRC.

Fave makes it easy to grow safe, successful online groups that are built to last.

By building on Fave, groups become easily discoverable through search, curation, and even other group members. It also means no more managing multiple logins or playing whack-a-mole with different notifications and preferences. Everyone wins!

Don’t risk your group being deleted because of Facebook’s ever-changing policies. Migrate your group to Fave today.

A groundbreaking community platform

So much better than forums

Your members will love it

Fave is a platform for the future


Fave has everything your group needs.

Build channels

Make it easy for people to discover, share, or save for later by organizing your groups into channels of related posts. Conversations continue to provide value to more and more people over time.

Post to any group

Easily post to any of your groups and channels from your dashboard and see replies in real-time. Conversations on Fave are like real-time chat, and you’re always in control.

Increase reputation

Each great post or reply boosts member reputation, so that they can unlock more privileges on the platform. Members gain Rep for posting interesting comments and knowledge.

Wikis coming soon

Help build the world’s most comprehensive encyclopedia by sharing your wisdom about your topic in beautifully simple wikis, which are super easy for anyone to edit. Stay tuned for this.

The ultimate community platform.

The best alternative to Facebook groups. Only Fave is by the people, for the people.


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